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The scores describe the tunes I have learned from traditional musicians or by my research work.

In addition, have a look at the page Celtic Songs where you'll find some famous Celtic hits and get their lyrics.

There is no official Scottish anthem, but these tunes are often used for it :

- Flower Of Scotland : played at rugby matches since the 90's to replace... God Save The Queen, it is the modern anthem, penned in 1968 by The Corries with strong lyrics able to renew any national sentiment,

- Scotland The Brave : a tune from the early twentieth century, very catchy but with lyrics not strong enough to be a true candidate,

- Scots Wha Hae : named after the first verse of Burns Robert Bruce's March To Bannockburn; the famous Scottish poet put his words with a very ancient tune (Hey Tuttie Tatie) which is supposed to have been played at Bannockburn (1314). Strongly rooted in Scottish history and attached to the national bard, it has been the historical anthem for a while, before being dethroned by the famous Flower!

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