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* NEWS *

2023-05-31 : the single "Glencoe" has been released today.

2023-04-27 : the single "Highland Cathedral" has been released today.

2023-03-28 : last gig of the St. Patrick's 2023 tour; two fabulous weeks with almost a concert per day! Back in the studio now to complete the forthcoming new tunes…

2023-01-25 : today is Rabbie Burns birthday, let's celebrate it with Haggis, whisky, poems and bagpipe!

2022-12-27 : listen to my new brand single on Bandcamp, "Silent Night".

2022-12-10 : the 400th gig of the Scots Wha Hae show

2022-09-14 : bagpipe tutorial with the tune Flower Of Scotland (Slow Air).

2022-07-23 : I'll be at the Festival Les Celtiques in Montreuil-Bellay (FR-49) on this day!

2022-06-17 : welcome the Parting Glass!

2022-05-25 : bagpipe tutorial with the tune Highland Cathedral (Slow Air).

2022-04-16 : many news to come in the next two years with some singles, album "Scots Wha Hae" remix to be released on CD, etc., so stay tuned wherever you want, see the Contact page!

2022-04-06 : new page with my bagpipe tutorials.

2022-03-31 : last day of St Patrick's tour… Until I'll be back on the road again, be sure to listen to my album on Bandcamp!

2022-03-14 : "the morrow I will march to St Patrick's toon…"  Yes, tomorrow back on the road for the beginning of my St Patrick's 2022 tour

2022-02-06 : listen to the whole track 9 on YouTube (The Wedding)

2022-01-19 : the album Scots Wha Hae has been released on Bandcamp

2022-01-01 : Happy New Year to you all! Thank you for your support! A few days left and the album will be ready…

2021-12-26 : have a look at the album artwork

2021-10-18 : have a look at my new biography and at the Album page.

2021-07-31 : end of the "2021 Spring-Summer tour";
the forthcoming "Scots Wha Hae" album begins its mixing period…

2021-07-01 : more and more followers on my Celtic channel (YouTube); English subtitles are progressively added on my videos so please come have a look! (click on the settings button - right corner of each video- and choose English subtitles)

2021-05-20 : Today is the day! 700 gigs… to be continued!

2021-04-13 : Amazing Grace

2021-03-17 : Happy St Patrick's Day!

2021-02-21 : Where is located the famous Highland Cathedral?

2021-02-18 : the Saltire - Scottish flag on my channel

2021-02-04 : a short story of the Kilt

2021-01-26 : all about the Breton binioù

2021-01-12 : the Great Highland Bagpipe on YouTube

* * *

2020-12-06 : new page with all my videos, right here!

* * *

2021-09-09 : Happy Birthday to the Scots Wha Hae show,
fifteen years of piping in weddings and concerts.

Fàilte gu Alba! Welcome to Scotland!
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