Designed & produced by Éric McLewis


(Roy Williamson - The Corries)

(Éric Dentinger/Trad. Scottish)

All the credits of the bagpipe tunes are available at Scottish tunes for Highland Bagpipe.
Playing and arrangements, recordings, sound mixing and audio effects all by Éric McLewis.

- Flower Of Scotland = Scottish anthem penned by Roy Williamson (The Corries) and adapted for bagpipe
- Openings = The Atholl Highlanders and Itchy Fingers
- Bruce's Address is also known by Scots Wha Hae
- The Days Of Free, lyrics by Éric Dentinger, music When The Pipers Play & E. Dentinger

The sound of the Highland bagpipes has a pitch higher than the current standard (A 440-442 Hz); most of the chanters (melodic pipe) are made for at least 450 Hz. Until the sixties, the standard was lower, sometimes under 440 Hz. This evolution is supposed to bring some brightness to the sound but can shock some of you.
I've tried, like other soloists, by the choice of my chanters and the work on my reeds, to remain within a range of 444-447 Hz for my recordings and concerts, without losing the specificity of that Scottish sound.
The reed preparation is limited because one cannot rise indefinitely the height of the reed seat to reduce the pitch : I also have got a chanter especially made at 440 Hz (concert pitch), sometimes called a « Breton » chanter), allowing easier musical encounters…

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