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Album "Scots Wha Hae" (2022) - 10 Tracks
Album "Scots Wha Hae" (2022) - Credits

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The sound of the Highland bagpipes has a pitch higher than the current standard (A 440-442 Hz); most of the "chanters" (melodic pipe) are made for at least 450 Hz. Until the sixties, the standard was lower, sometimes under 440 Hz. This evolution brings some brightness to the sound but can shock some of you.

I've tried, like other soloists, by the choice of my chanters and the work on my reeds, to remain within a range of 444-447 Hz for my recordings and concerts, without losing the specificity of that Scottish sound.

(Michael Korb & Ulrich Roever)

(Joseph Mohr / Franz Xaver Gruber)

* * * SOON! * * *

Jim McLean / L. Fhearchair Beaton & McLean / arr. McLewis)