Designed & produced by Éric McLewis


Scotland The Brave
(The Corries)

Land o' the purple heather
Land o' the dirty weather
Land where the midges gather, Scotland The Brave
Land o' the Pakistanis
Andy Capp and Saturday sannies
Land where they sell their grannies, Scotland The Brave
Used to say in faither’s day
You could hear the bagpipes play
But now you hear the regal tones o' Elton John
and The Rolling Stones
Land that is full o' stinkers
Wee fat Jews and VP drinkers
Whisky put a lot o' stinkers into Scottish graves

Land that is full o' skivers
Comic singers, deep sea divers
Turbans on our bus condrivers, Scotland The Brave
Land o' the brutal Bobbies
Councilors wi' part-time jobbies
Architects with paying hobbies, Scotland The Brave
The tourists come here every year
To see all our historic gear
But all they see is loads o' navvies,
high rise flats wi' concrete lavvies
Land o' the artic' lorries
Andy Stewart and the Corries
Land where everybody borries, Scotland The Brave

Land o' the kilt and sporan
Underneath there's nothin' worn!How I wish the wind was warm! Scotland The Brave
I must admit it's pretty gruesome
Walking about wi' your frozen twosome!
It's all we've got - we mustn't lose 'em - Scotland The Brave
Conservatives try to assure us
Labour's hard-put to endure us
The Kirk puts curbs on our enjoyment,
government makes unemployment
Never mind the day is near
When independence will be here!
We’ll drink a toast in younger’s beer to Scotland The Brave!

Scotland The Brave
(Cliff Hanley - 1950)

Hark when the night is falling
Hear! Hear the pipes are calling
Loudly and proudly calling down thro' the glen
There where the hills are sleeping
Now feel the blood a-leaping
High as the spirits of the old Highland men

Towering in gallant fame
Scotland my mountain hame
High may your proud standards gloriously wave
Land of my high endeavour
Land of the shining river
Land of my heart for ever
Scotland The Brave

High in the misty Highlands
Out by the purple islands
Brave are the hearts that beat beneath Scottish skies
Wild are the winds to meet you
Staunch are the friends that greet you
Kind as the love that shines from fair maidens' eyes

Towering in gallant fame...

Far off in sunlit places
Sad are the Scottish faces
Yearning to feel the kiss of sweet Scottish rain
Where tropic skies are beaming
Love sets the heart a-dreaming
Longing and dreaming for the homeland again

Towering in gallant fame...

Scotland The Brave

This successful air can be considered as a Scottish anthem behind Flower Of Scotland.
It has an uncertain origin : march in Scotland or polka in England. It has been published c. 1891-1895 under Brave Scotland and Scotland For Ever, Scotland The Brave in a bagpipe tunebook from 1911.
One can also find the name of My Bonnie Lass(ie).
A first version of lyrics have been written by Cliff Hanley in 1950 for the singer Robert Wilson.
The Corries have developed the ironic mood of that version with lyrics full of humour.
It's the proof that an undeniable deep patriotic feeling can fit with some self-derision.
I've put the highlights on these lyrics at least for the two singers skills and also for the friendly atmosphere of their performances. Scotland The Brave still remains a worldwide and powerful emissary for Scotland and a gateway to a more authentic culture and repertoire…

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- score written by Éric McLewis with CelticPipes