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Eric Maclewis - Bagpipe Fingerings on Practice Chanter - page 1

Piper since 2005, I've spent a lot of time - and still do - with my practice chanter.

Now it's time for me to share some tips and exercises coming from all those working hours.
I wish that these pages will be useful for your progression with the practice, the fingerings, the embellishments, etc.

You'll mostly find some written advices and practice scores with audio files.


(June 2022)

These pages are yet to be written (work in progress…).

The different sections will be ranged according to their increasing difficulties.

Besides that, there will be tutorials to apply these exercises with the Scottish airs of my repertoire : some have already been published (see the section Scottish tunes for Highland bagpipe), so don't forget to subscribe to my YouTube!

Just two words before getting started :

- some exercises come from James McGillivray "Rhythmic Fingerwork" which I highly recommand of course,

- internet tutorials are great to improve your skills but periodic sessions with and in front of a teacher still remain essentials!

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