Designed & produced by Éric McLewis



The Scots Wha Hae show, unplugged by nature, has also a stage version with the Celtic concert.

Soloist concert in fact but as far as Éric McLewis is a multi-instrumentalist, the musical journey is various and includes the main parts of the Celtic musical traditions.
Scotland is of course the main attraction, with its tunes and traditional outfit, but the gig is also completed by some repertoire from Brittany and Ireland.
The bagpipes are the stars of any performance and are joined by the bombard and Irish whistles.
A few tunes are also sung in English and Breton.
Many comments and anecdotes - about tunes and outfit - are shared with the audience, so that every show is a great living time, rich of emotions and exchanges.
You'll hear among others (near 30 songs): Scotland The Brave, Amazing Grace, Skye Boat Song (cf. Outlander), Molly Malone, Auld Lang Syne, etc.

Sound System :
1- for an audience of 100 people at most or in a church, the sound system will be included in the show without additional charge.
2- for all outdoor performances or for an audience of more than 100, you will have to provide the sound system according to the specification sheet (see below).

Stage lighting : you'll have to provide all lighting that would be necessary.

Every show lasts 1h30 without any break.

Éric McLewis - Scots Wha Hae Celtic concert