Designed & produced by Éric McLewis


So you are Scottish, aren't you?
The question people ask me most of the time…

But I'm not : I'm French from East-France exactly.
The history of my family has driven me to the western shores of Europe. I learned then to love Scotland and Brittany, in all their beauties. All the Celtic cultures appeared to me as paths I had to take.
I put on - with a great pleasure and the permanent concern for authenticity - these Celtic musician clothes with McLewis for artist name (according to my mother's name) : they all became like an authentic second skin.
And my biggest pleasure is in your own pleasure when I share with you the originality of the culture I've received myself.

This is part of my path and why I hesitate a bit when you want to know if I'm Scottish or even Breton.
Well, in a way, I became each one. In which proportion, who cares?

Music belongs to who wants to discover it instead of ignore it.

Éric McLewis - Éric Dentinger, Earth, Milky Way, Somewhere in the Known Universe
Fake it till you become it…

Ar Milliget (2013-2015)

Burlesque show, Celtic music, juggling, stilts, dance and fire eaters... Please enter Abracadabouc's world!!!
The Witches and Zombies invite you to share chills and laughs in a crazy atmosphere. Thuala, Fiola, Pifaplat, Petula and Reniflote prepare tirelessly new potions, in quest of a dark world, disgusting and sticky. Do not compliment them, they hate it... Stick your tongue out, they will thank you...
References : Les Arts de la Rue Festival  - Strasbourg, Mascarets Festival - Pont Audemer, Nice Carnival, Granville Carnival, Festyland - Caen, Medieval Festival - Avranches, Medieval Festival - Josselin, Medieval Festival - Beauvais,...

Devil Stew (2007-2009)

Abracadabouc (2005-2011)

1996-2001 Tan Noz; Breton music band (bombards, bagpipes, drums),
2001-2002 LED Breizh; traditional Breton trio (binioù, bombard, drum), revival of the oldest Breton band,
2001-2006 The Bretons; Breton dances and tales,
2005-2006 binioù-bombard with Titi le Digabel,
2006-2007 Ishka; Breton and Irish music & 2006-2008 Gobàn; bagpipe/bodhrán,
2007-2009 Devil Stew; Celtic concerts & 2008-2009 « Oh Molly, what a girl! »; theatre,
2008-2010 Kharthal; Rajasthani (India) & Celtic musicians,
2005-2011 Abracadabouc; burlesque & musical show,
2010-2011 Fanch Ferdinand; Celtic trio,
2011-2014 Mac Lewis' Duo; bagpipe and Napoleonic drum,
2013-2015 Ar Milliget; electro-celtic...

... and since September 2006 until today, the Scots Wha Hae Show.

Kharthal (2008-2010)

Éric McLewis - CAREER PATH

Tan Noz (1996-2001)
LED Breizh (2001-2002) - pic. Viviane Leroy
Ishka (2006-2007)
Gobàn (2006-2008)
Fanch Ferdinand (2010-2011)
Mac Lewis' Duo (2011-2014) - pic. Claire Vinson