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July, 22nd 2023 - Wedding
Hi Eric, thank you so much for your work on Saturday, you were fantastic and all of our guests were very impressed with your playing (Dani & Kerr)

April, 22nd 2023 - Wedding
Another big thank you for the performance yesterday, everyone loved it. Having a bagpipe player who accompanied us throughout our day of celebration really made our silver wedding special!

July, 17th 2021 - Wedding
Thank you very much, it was incredible, I loved it! It was great to have this music to accompany us, it was exactly what I wanted! (Inès)

July, 03rd 2021 - Wedding
Thank you very much for your performance on Saturday! You have allowed us to realise the wedding of our dreams! (Louis)

August, 29th 2020 - Wedding
You gave us all an unforgettable moment that everyone loved! (Lauranne)

July, 27th 2019 - Wedding
Dear Eric, thank you so very much for coming to play the pipes at Isla & Alexandre's wedding… It was simply wonderful to have you there. I am not a crier by nature but to walk out of the church and hear Highland Cathedral was one of the highlights of my day and one which brought such a lump to my throat. it linked us to home in a very emotional way. I do not know what the French thought, but all the Brits there commented on how great it was. (Catriona)

July, 6th 2019 - Wedding
It was magical! ... thank you for this atmosphere created, thanks to the emotion we feel in your music and in your personality... (Florence & Alain)

September, 16th 2018 - Local feast
It's a real pleasure to work with people like you! You have been a lot in the smooth running of this day and I thank you again for your patience and flexibility, people were all delighted to discover the bagpipe, we are not used to have such musicians...! (Hélène)

August, 25th 2018 - Wedding
You have marked the minds of many people, you have been extraordinary!!! We keep a strong memory of your coming!!(Betty)

June, 23rd 2018 - Wedding
Thank you very much for making this day a success... Thank you for your discretion, for making the organisation of our wedding so easy by being a model of professionalism during the preparations; organising a remote wedding is not easy but you made things extremely simple and thank you for adding to our union the Scottish touch we wanted. A 'Loch Lomond' in the town hall of Suèvres is priceless for us... The French and Scottish guests were delighted and surprised that we managed to find a bagpipe player in the Centre region! All our best wishes for your future projects! (Julie & Jonathan)

October, 8th 2017 - Wedding
Thank you again for your quality performance and the perfect sequence at the end of the ceremony.(Joffroi)

September, 17th 2017 - Wedding
Thank you for the performance, you made happy people. A unique wedding day, I think the people present will remember it.... Exceptional, superb afternoon with a Flower of Scotland in the end that pulled us a tear, even several ones!(Gilles, Catherine and friends)

August 2017 - Berlioz Festival
Thank you for these magical moments. Your time at the festival will become an indelible memory over time. We will often say to ourselves: you remember when Eric was passing with his bagpipe.... I hope to see you soon.

August, 5th 2017 - Wedding
You have more than musically accompanied our union. Your professionalism and kindness have contributed remarkably to the success of our wedding and we thank you very warmly. (Katia & Alain)

June, 4th 2017 - Birthday
Very happy with your performance, the surprise was perfect, I will not fail to recommend you. (Véronique)

March, 18th 2017 - Wedding
You have largely participated in the success of our Scottish wedding, at Chambord and Breuil castles. Thanks again.(Aurélie & Scott from London)

September, 24th 2016- Wedding
We wanted to thank you for your services. You've been at the top! A real happiness and thank you again for your kindness(Wendy)

June, 18th 2016 - Wedding
Thank you Mr. Mac Lewis. We would like to thank you for helping to make our wedding even more magical and moving. We appreciated your talent and this opinion was shared by all our guests. (Cathy & Didier)

June, 2nd 2016 - Military ceremony
Your intervention allowed our promotion exit to be more beautiful and moving. The 8th company and its executives found your service magnificent and thank you from the bottom of their hearts.

May, 14th 2016 - Wedding
We wanted to thank you once again for your participation in our wedding on May 14. Thank you again from the heart and good luck! (Gipsy & Benoît)

October, 24th 2015 - Wedding
Unforgettable memory, professionalism, kindness; may your beautiful performance give good ideas to others. I hope your calendar fills up to amaze many people again. (Maryse)

October, 18th 2015 - Birthday
The surprise was total and was very appreciated. Luc had a wonderful idea; he knows how much I love Scotland and the music of this wonderful country. The day was a great success, partly thanks to you. Thank you again and congratulations.

September, 5th 2015 - Wedding
Hi Eric, I just wanted to say a huge thank you for your wonderful piping at our wedding... (Jacquelyn and Paul)

August, 29th 2015 - Wedding
Hello Eric: another big thank you for this great and beautiful moment. I'm delighted to have met you, it was really a beautiful meeting.

August, 1st 2015 - Wedding
Dear Eric, I can never thank you enough for your presence. Your professional experience accompanied by so much kindness... It was unexpected! You alone have increased the atmosphere of this fantastic day in an unforgettable fairy tale. With all my heart I thank you.(Sylvie)

June, 11th 2015 - Highland Games
I wanted to thank you again for your performance. The children enjoyed it a lot and the adults too. I have some photos that I will join you soon. Thank you again and congratulations.(Suzanne)

March, 28th 2015 - Wedding
Thank you again for yesterday: we were really delighted with your presence. It was an honour for us to listen to you and hear the sound of the bagpipe that we love so much on this day so important to us. And we have good feedback from our guests of course! … I will never forget the moment when you started playing again just before our release... The first notes were magical! Thank you again!(Calum)

March, 21st 2015 - Wedding
Hello, the photos of our wedding are online. I will send you some soon for your album and to thank you for your excellent performance that delighted all the guests.(Jean-Luc)


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