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Galloway is a beautiful area of Scotland located in the extreme southwest, south of Glasgow and north of the Isle of Man.
A language closed to Gaelic has been spoken here many centuries ago.
It has a rich historical past, including the Douglas, Gordons, Maxwells and Robert The Bruce.
It has also its own breed of cattle : The Belted Galloway (see pic bellow).

Bonnie Gallowa' was made famous by the Scottish singer Moira Anderson.

Bonnie Gallowa'
- The Corries version -
(George G.B. Sproat)

Wha but lo'es the bonnie hills
Wha but lo'es the shinin' rills
Aye for thee my bosom fills
Bonnie Gallowa'

Land o' darkly-rollin' dee
Land o' silvery windin' cree
Kiss'd by Solway's foamy sea
Bonnie Gallowa'

Wreathes o' glory roun' thee weaves
Gory land o' fearless thrieves
Heroes' deeds your sons achieve
Bonnie Gallowa'

Ance ye had a king your ain
Wha your laurels ne'er wad stain
Focht your foes wi' micht an' main
Bonnie Gallowa'

Wha 'mang Scotia's chiefs can shine
Heroes o' the Douglas line
Maxwell, Gordon, a' are thine
Bonnie Gallowa'

Land o' birk and rowan tree
Land o' fell and forest free
Land that's aye sae dear tae me
Bonnie Gallowa’

Bonnie Galloway

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