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11th June 2021

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* NEWS *

2021-05-20 : Today is the day! 700 gigs… to be continued!

2021-03-17 : Happy St Patrick's Day!

2021-02-21 : Where is located the famous Highland Cathedral?

2021-01-30 : many videos now available on my YouTube channel but, sorry, many of them are in French; I'll work on it in the next months either to put some subtitles or to take some rushes in English.

Meanwhile, a few clips are in universal language : Music!

* * *

2020-12-06 : new page with all my videos, right here!

2020-11-30 : well, I'm sure we're all waiting that this strange year disappears…
… to always believe in life and with great hopes for 2021!
In the meantime, studio work still goes on : the recordings are about to end next February!

2020-09-09 : Happy Birthday to the Scots Wha Hae show,
fourteen years of piping in weddings and concerts.

Fàilte gu Alba! Welcome to Scotland!

I am Éric McLewis, member of the MacLeod Of Lewis clan. You’ll find here several topics on the Celtic musical world : my music at first and also the one from other artists, scores, lyrics, instruments (including the bagpipe of course) and the best way to hire your piper with the Scots Wha Hae show, for any event in France where I currently live.

The main topics :

- music
- videos
- biography
- the Scots Wha Hae show
- Scottish and Breton repertoires (scores)
- Celtic songs
- the Instruments
- the Scottish outfit
- Scotland
- Celtic culture

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