Designed & produced by Éric McLewis


Òran Na Maighdeann-mhara
(traditional Scottish)

U bha is na hoireann u bha
U bha is na hoireann i
U bha is na hoireann u bha
'Sann le foill a meall thu mi

A-mach air barr nan stuagh ri gaillinn
Fuachd is feannadh fad o tìr
Bha mo ghaol dhut daonnan fallain
Ged is maighdeann-mhara mi

(séist = chorus)

Chan eil mo chadal-sa ach luaineach
Nuair bhios buaireas air an t-sid
Bha mi 'n raoir 'an Coire Bhreacain
Bidh mi 'nochd 'an Eilean Ì


Seall is faic an grunnd na fairge
Uamhan airgid 's òr gun dìth
Loinnearachd chan fhaca sùil e
Ann an cùirt no lùchairt rìgh


Tales of mermaids are common in Scottish tradition with love stories between human and mermaids.
If someone captures their skin while the mermaid has a human form, the mermaid has to serve the human forever or to marry him; therefore, some tales are about the mermaid's sadness, because she cannot get human love or return to the sea.

One can find the tune in the Scots Guards (vol.3 - p.192), as a Slow March, with many differences of notes, rhythmic values or embellishments.

I've noted it in the way that Fred Morrison relayed it to me : his rendition reflects the melancholia of the tune; I've also added some slight changes to fit the song itself.

As usual, each part can be played twice but you can only play them juste once, particularly if you want to stay with the song.
Fermatas are of course optional but we have to let the melody breathe.
Some rhythmic values can be different, according to the instrumental version or to the song.

The Mermaid's Song

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- score written by Éric McLewis with CelticPipes