The Dark Island The Flowers Of The Forest The Mist Covered Mountains
Itchy Fingers The Black Bear
Auld Lang Syne
Killworth Hills Lochanside The Green Hills Of Tyrol When The Battle's Over
The Kilt Is My Delight The Rakes Of Mallow
Amazing Grace Flower of Scotland Highland Cathedral Mull of Kintyre Scots Wha Hae The Carles Wi' The Breeks The Mist Covered Mountains When The Pipers Play
The Old Wife Of The Milldust
The Scottish Anthem At least, four tunes can pretend to represent Scotland : - Flower of Scotland : this tune is played at rugby matches to replace... God save the Queen, - Scotland the Brave : a relatively recent tune again, from the early twentieth century, - Amazing Grace, - and, last but not least, Scots Wha Hae named by Robert Burns, the famous scottish poet, who put his words towards a very ancient tune (Hey Tuttie Tatie) played at Bannockburn (1314).
A Man's A Man For A'That Brose And Butter Highland Laddie Mairi's Wedding Scotland the Brave Scots Wha Hae The Black Bear The Brown Haired Maiden The High Road to Gairloch The Rowan Tree
Scottish Tunes for Highland Bagpipe
You'll find for each tune several informations like the score of course but also the lyrics and the origins of the air. The tunes are classified in several groups : click on each air to get the whole description. About the scores : The tunes played with the Highland Bagpipe are mostly written in the keys of A (with a natural G) and D, according to the scottish writing. Besides, as we play the A or D note from the score on the bagpipe, we hear a B flat or a E flat, so that the reel pitch is an halftone above. Some of these scores have a second title, that is the name of the air related to the song. You'll also find some scores in two groups instead of one : that is due to different possibilities of playing the tune. For example, some of them can be played as a march or as a dance, others as a slow air or a march.
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